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Your data is irreplaceable and protecting it is vital.

As part of our continued campaign to improve quality and reliability of IT, we have realized that many of our clients don’t manage their tape back ups as well as they should.

Many of our clients forget to rotate tapes from time to time, some don’t take tapes offsite and some of them take them home (which opens up a huge security issue) – either way, the management of tapes is a nightmare for many of our clients which has resulted in long and costly periods of downtime for a number of clients when things have gone wrong in the past.

We don’t want any more of our clients to suffer from these issues again so we have developed our very own off-site backup storage system.

Data One's solution provides a low maintenance solution to data backup. It acts as an invisible member of your team, dedicated to performing this valuable role. Even if you suffer data loss, there's no need to get stressed because retrieving your information is simple.

This means there’s no tapes to manage rotate or store as it uses the internet to offsite data automatically. All data is transferred disc to disc making back up and restore much more reliable and faster than tape.

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